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SubmissionFC @ninoesco Sounds awesome! I'll send them an email today! Thanks!
SubmissionFC @mpwrfitness Sounds awesome! @hiphopchess What is your email? We'd like to know how we can get involved! My email is
SubmissionFC RT @rafaeldavis6704: Stopped by UFC Gym of San Carlos, another fresh new Tee also out next week at check… http://t.c…
SubmissionFC @BJJRants Email sent.


Here at Submission Fight Co. we take pride in creating BJJ Gear to help you get your ultimate goal in any fight, Submission. We have geared our focus on creating quality constructed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis made of only the best materials. 

Indulge yourself on all the benefits of our BJJ Gis, and enjoy the softest, most comfortable BJJ Gi, the Submission Gi!