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7 Cool Facts About Bamboo Gis

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1. Bamboo BJJ Gis are very absorbent, even more so than cotton. Bamboo Gis help absorb perspiration and allow it to evaporate away from the skin, making it an excellent summer bjj gi.

2. Bamboo Gis are extremely soft and comfortable, more so than a cotton gi and even a hemp gi. They also drape very well.

3. Although bamboo must go through a chemical process in order to become a textile; Bamboo Gis still stem from an all natural and renewable resource in bamboo.

4. Bamboo Gis help minimize if not completely get rid of pilling and any static electricity.

5. Bamboo Jiu Jitsu Gis are known to have some insulating properties helping you stay a bit warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

6. Bamboo Gis are very breathable and increase air flow. 

7. A Bamboo Gi can easily be died in vivid colors of your choice. If you like your bjj gi changing colors every so often, you might want to get a bamboo gi and explore this option.


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