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First Recycled Poly Ranked Rash Guards - Out Now!

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To us, quality in a bjj rash guard is much more than how it looks or functions. It's about how it affects the environment we live in and our overall quality of life. This means we had to work diligently to source materials that minimize damage to the environment, and we believe we have found just that. Today we are super proud to announce the release of our new Ranked Rash Guards made from Recycled Poly materials! This new recycled poly rash guard won't change the world but it is one step towards making the world a better place :) 

As a company we have always felt the need to be more environmentally friendly in all aspects of our business. We must admit, we have had our share of negligence in the past due to this regard but what is important is that we were taught a very valuable lesson. So when it was time for creating a new BJJ rash guard we were certain that we needed the manufacturing for this done right here in California so that we can oversee almost every step of the process. Everything from the fabric sourcing, sublimation printing, cutting, sewing, patterns and design was all done right here in Los Angeles. Best part is we were able to meet the fabric supplier, pattern maker, production manager, etc. in person compared to an overseas factory where everything is done over the phone and internet. A common misconception most people have about made in America garments is that they feel made in U.S.A. is of higher quality, but we're here to tell you that is not always true. Garment manufacturing has been going on for centuries in countries like India, Pakistan, China, etc. and they are the best in the world. Americans are pretty new to the game so the quality is not always as high and cost of manufacturing here is much more expensive. It wasn't the quality; it was the quality control aspect that made us decide to get these new BJJ rash guards done here in the U.S.A.  

These new bjj rash guards are very unique and the first of its kind. They are the first Jiu Jitsu ranked rash guards made from recycled poly materials. Being made from recycled polyester means this helps us divert bottles and other plastics from the landfills, improving our quality of life. We mentioned in the previous paragraph these rash guards are made in the U.S.A. and why; but this also means Americans were employed during the process and the cash stays in our beautiful country. Another cool thing about these new bjj rash guards is that a totally new pattern was made to make them ergonomically cut specifically for Jiu Jitsu. This means you get an awesome fitting rash guard that can only help the quality of your Jiu Jitsu training. The design on the ranked rash guards are also super cool and give it that Loui Vuitton feel, but of course that's just our opinion.


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